This week..

this week in… Instagram

1. I celebrated Sondre Lerche’s birthday with him at the Bowery Ballroom 2. I hung around 30rock for NYC Fashion Night Out 3. I randomly saw a Blue Man Group Flash Mob at Saks Fifth Avenue 4. It was the most randomly awesome thing that’s happened to me since I’ve gotten to the city.

5. I’ve been studying a ton at the NYU Library 6. I decided to change up my studying routine so I camped out in the silent hall at the New York Public Library. It was beautiful. 7. I made it through my first week of Grad School reading.. & 8. I love it when it pours in the city and the streets turn into mirrors to the skyline. 

This week in… Links

I enjoyed Roberta Smith’s cheeky review of the new blockbuster Andy Warhol exhibition at the Met. Can’t wait to go this week. I loved this excerpt by A Photo Editor on the stance that photography isn’t about being present, but rather about being present. I read American Suburb X’s feature on Larry Sultan’s last series, The Valley. I laughed with this artist who makes tiny things in a ‘big world.’  I learned about the website Paddle 8 that is quickly revolutionizing the artworld by pulling it in the digital world. and finally, I watched this video  which really just speaks for itself. 

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