moving always

Penelope Umbrico, detail from installation “Mountains, Moving: of George C. Poundstone 1926 – 2013.

Penelope-Umbrico-IMG_7025.jpp-2Penelope Umbrico, detail from installation of Moving Mountrains 2011.

PenelopeUmbrico_Interview_01Penelope Umbrico, Mock-up for exhibition installation of Moving Mountains (1850–2012) for Aperture Remix, 2012.


Penelope Umbrico, Mock-up for exhibition installation of Moving Mountains (1850–2012) for Aperture Remix, 2012.

Screen shot 2014-03-23 at 9.16.06 PMPenelope Umbrico, detail from Moving Mountains 2011.
Screen shot 2014-03-23 at 9.18.05 PM
Penelope Umbrico, Double Weston with 35mm Medium Format Vintage Instant and Lightleak, from Mountains, Moving 2014.
 I travel, navigate, through virtual space and I look for things that will support an idea I have. I make screenshots or download images and crop them in specific ways for what I am looking for. I frame the virtual world the way I want to see it. This is what a photographer does, frames and edits the world in the way that she sees it. So, at one point, I decided not to make a distinction between my practice and traditional photographic practice.  - Penelope Umbrico from here. 

moving windows

Steven Turville’s artist website here. 

25ceadf8b7d368b2fe247ac8f6665c4adc2f582f_large.Steven Turville, Untitled from Street View. 

136ea9bf67d54415da8ee71c6a5f32903680d72b_large.Steven Turville, Untitled from Street View. 

5a06486e7202a810753442b404443581478ee967_large.Steven Turville, Untitled from Street View. 

145f0e3fcbca3f6d805c8d5e59a5b6fb9e17f599_large.Steven Turville, Untitled from Street View. 

167315b56db1ddd4b229020107d9e515a392904a_large.Steven Turville, Untitled from Street View. 

0a8a8ef79a199c52d0475a9a91694343844fc6fa_large.Steven Turville, Untitled from Street View. 

Thinking about how these images taken from a car function differently from these photographs appropriated from a machine.

scratched imprint

more work by Christopher Russell hereUntitledInterior50Christopher Russell, Untitled (Interior), Epson Ultrachrome Print run over by car 2010.

GhostShipWreck0Christopher Russell, Ghost Ship Wreck, Epson Ultrachrome HDR Print scratched with a razor 2012.

Fingerprint_20Christopher Russell, Fingerprint,  Epson Ultrachrome Print scratched with razor 2013.

Fox3Christopher Russell, Fox, Ultrachrome print scratched with a razor 2013.

vast awakened

Alexander Harding’s artist website here. JuxJ41oaAlexander Harding, 8:32 a.m. from Visible Light 2010.

ojlbMZyC4BErYa8bAlexander Harding, The Sun Shining through  Trees on  our Kitchen Table from Visible Light 2010.

m6etLWoeLlu1mglyAlexander Harding, Particle 8 from Visible Light 2011.

Close your eyes, let your hands and nerve-ends drop, stop breathing for 3 seconds, listen to the silence inside the illusion of the world, and you will remember the lesson you forgot, which was taught in immense milky ways of cloudy innumerable worlds long ago and not even at all. It is all one vast awakened thing. I call it the golden eternity. It is perfect. - Jack Kerouac

in fleets


more work by Brandon Thibodeaux here. 
thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_024-1024x1024Brandon Thibodeaux, Christmas Tree Alligator, Mississippi from When Morning Comes 2012.

thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_002-1024x1024Brandon Thibodeaux, Mississippi River Vicksburg, Mississippi from When Morning Comes2011.

thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_001-1024x1024Brandon Thibodeaux, Mississippi, 662, Duncan, Mississippi from When Morning Comes 2012.

thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_004-1024x1024Brandon Thibodeaux, Mississippi, 662, Duncan, Mississippi from When Morning Comes 2012.

thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_010-1024x1024Brandon Thibodeaux Birds in Field Mound Bayou, Mississippi from When Morning Comes 2012.

thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_014-1024x1024Brandon Thibodeaux, Untitled from When Morning Comes.


More works from Richard Misrach’s series Cancer Alley  here.

 49_HelicopterReturningRichard Misrach, Helicopter Returning From Deep Water Horizon Spill, Venice, Louisiana, 2010.

Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 10.39.54 PMRichard Misrach, Hazardous Waste Containment Site, Dow Chemical Corporation, Plaquemine, Louisiana, 1998.

3SwampAndPipeline-759x600Richard Misrach, Swamp and Pipeline, Geismar, Lousiana, 1998.

Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 10.43.10 PMRichard Misrach, Cypress Tree, Alligator Bayou, 1998.

Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 10.43.35 PM
Richard Misrach, Sunset, Southern University Campus, North Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 1998.

all i really want to do


Kevin Trageser’s artist website here. KT289-05Kevin Trageser, Lost Coast, California

KT289-12Kevin Trageser, Sinkyone, California. 

KT185-07Kevin Trageser, Graceland, Tennessee. 

KT225-13Kevin Trageser, Rachel, Nevada.

KT224-02_1Kevin Trageser, Boulder City, Nevada. 

KT086-18Kevin Trageser, New York City. 

AF_028-04Kevin Trageser, Bushland, Texas. 

KT229-10Kevin Trageser, Las Vegas

MyrtleBeach_X1-11Kevin Trageser, Myrtle Beach

KT258-03Kevin Trageser, Pinedale, Wyoming

KT025-01Kevin Trageser, New York City. 

KT268-03Kevin Trageser,  Winnemucca, Nevada

pushing on


more work by Lucas Samara’s here. Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 10.43.57 PM
Lucas Samaras, The Failed Artists , January 2, 1985. acrylic on canvas.

Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 10.43.40 PMLucas Samaras, Psevma 14 2003. pure pigment on paper.

Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 10.43.49 PMLucas Samaras, Chair Transformation #20B 1996. bronze with patina.

Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 10.44.07 PMLucas Samaras, Green Shadow (Figure) #3  1975. painted aluminum.

Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 10.44.27 PMLucas Samaras, XYZ 0001 (Flea)  2010. pure pigment on paper mounted on Dibond.

I think even at a young age I became aware that two kinds of fame were available: One is the kind you get from building this great church; the other is the kind you get from burning it down. - Lucas Samara from this interview. 

time moves still

Claire A. Warden’s Artist Website Here. 

7960517_origClaire Warden, Untitled from series CREATOR/DESTROYER 2013.

800208_origClaire Warden, Untitled from series CREATOR/DESTROYER 2013.

1076699_origClaire Warden, Untitled from series CREATOR/DESTROYER 2013.

1282707_origClaire Warden, Untitled from series CREATOR/DESTROYER 2013.

6096918_orig-1Claire Warden, Untitled from series CREATOR/DESTROYER 2013.

see rest of series here. 

To Taoism that which is absolutely still or absolutely perfect is absolutely dead, for without the possibility of growth and change there can be no Tao. In reality there is nothing in the universe which is completely perfect or completely still; - Alan Watts.

city see city do

a trip to NYC means..IMG_9770Frank Ape in Bushwick.


IMG_9764JR at the New York City Ballet.

IMG_9761mural at Bryant Park by Chor Boogie, Natalia Rak and Max Bode.

IMG_9731Doug Wheeler, LC 71 NY DZ 13 DW 2013 @ David Zwirner.

cityserra[City Serra] Richard Serra sculpture parked on 10th Avenue in Chelsea.

IMG_0188Robert Rauschenberg , Pilgrim 1960. and Jim Dine, Hair  on view as part of the Onnasch Collection @ Hauser & Wirth.

alex pragerAlex Prager, Face in the Crowd 2013 @ Lehmann Maupin.

IMG_9715Pawel Althamer, Draftsmen’s Congress 2012 (2014) @ New Museum

cicada summer

Joshua White’s artist website here. tumblr_n0pleepway1r9wk2fo1_500








tumblr_mvpk6pxig11r9wk2fo1_500[all photographs] Joshua White, Untitled from A Photographic Survey 2012-2014.

 I am using my iPhone to capture these images, and all the editing takes place on the phone. Originally these images seemed like a diversion from my greater body of work dealing with memory and loss, but now it seems, as always seems to be the case, they fit right in. - Joshua White’s series statement.