symbols of home


Andrew Piccone’s artist website here. Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetAndrew Piccone, Untitled 2014.

tumblr_n141izg4xw1qbdntpo1_1280Andrew Piccone, Untitled 2014.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetAndrew Piccone, Untitled 2014.

tumblr_n0ge22dMcH1qbdntpo1_1280Andrew Piccone, Untitled 2014.

tumblr_n0i5cxPbrn1qbdntpo1_1280Andrew Piccone, Untitled 2014.

tumblr_n0i6beum1H1qbdntpo1_1280Andrew Piccone, Untitled 2014.

tumblr_n15b62mzZt1qbdntpo1_1280Andrew Piccone, Untitled 2014.

tumblr_n13nq5XCVp1qbdntpo1_1280Andrew Piccone, Untitled 2014.

tumblr_n0i5er3wYd1qbdntpo1_1280Andrew Piccone, Untitled 2014.

the future is now.

Eric Fleischauer & Jason Lazarus, trailer for twohundredfiftysixcolors 2013.

twohundredfiftysixcolors is an experimental feature length film made entirely of animated .gif’s that traces the file format’s arc of increased complexity and pointed use since it was introduced in 1987.” – read more about the film here. 

all gifs below found on the project’s tumblr TWOHUNDREDFIFTYSIXCOLORS. tumblr_m3762f1bQt1qg39ewo1_500


94050014gif_6Nick Cave @ Grand Central station.

tumblr_n0coopTCxN1r44jpfo1_500Imitation of Bruce Nauman, Life, Death, Love, Hate, Pleasure, Pain 2003. source. 





Hope Dreams II 2013. source. 

tumblr_mzvursQg8f1rt28efo1_500James Kerr of scorpiandagger

tumblr_n0g4s56U591rt28efo1_500James Kerr of scorpiandagger


mistake lyrics for feelings


Ryan McGinley’s artist website here. 

RM_yellow_sky_20061Ryan McGinley, Untitled (Yellow Sky) 2006. 

Dead_Forest_2012_60x90_smRyan McGinley, Dead Forest  2012. 

2012-haystacks_grassy-reach_out_im_right_here-web-smRyan McGinley, Haystacks (Grassy) from Reach Out, I’m Right Here 2012.

rm_jake_fallRyan McGinley,  Jake (Fall Folliage) 2011.

JakeShiningRock_6.5x10in1Ryan McGinley, Jake (Shining Rock) 2008.

2012-night_sky_tie_dye-reach_out_im_right_here-web-smRyan McGinley, Night Sky Tie Dye from Reach Out, I’m Right Here 2012. 

MoonRiver_40by26in1Ryan McGinley, Coco (Moon River) 2008.

Ryan McGinley, Blue Moon 2008.

Oh it’s totally lonely, being so passionate about something that feels more important than anything else in the world, and it also takes up all my time. You have to learn how to function as a human being and to relate to people without a camera. See there’s this box of magic that I have, and when it’s in my hands I can relate to people, have discussions, go on adventures and ask for anything. Without it I have a hard time operating. – Ryan McGinley from this interview.

what they needed

more Julie Cockburn here.
large-julie_cockburn-party_houseJulie Cockburn, The Party House, hand embroidery on found photograph 2013.


Julie Cockburn, Landscape with Mountain, hand embroidery on found photograph 2013. large-julie_cockburn-merry_widow-1Julie Cockburn, The Merry Widow 1, altered found photograph 2013.

large-julie_cockburn-the_favourite_childJuile Cockburn, The Favourite Child, hand embroidery on found photograph 2013.

large-julie_cockburn-my_ex_best_friendJulie Cockburn, My Ex-Best Friend, altered found photograph 2013.

large-julie_cockburn-girl_in_a_pearl_necklaceJulie Cockburn, Girl in a Pearl Necklace, hand embroidery on found photograph 2013.

large-julie_cockburn-love_at_first_sightJulie Cockburn,  Love at First Sight, hand embroidery on found photograph 2013.