Rebel with a Cause

This week I went to the Guggenheim to experience the James Turrell exhibition (meh) and the Whitney Summer opening to check out the re-installation of a really interesting Robert Irwin site-specific piece. Both museums prevented photographs from being taken, therefore sneaky iphones pictures are all I have. photo 1James Turrell,  Aten Reign 2013. Currently installed in the Guggenheim Atrium.

photo 2James Turrell, Afrum I 1967. Currently at the Guggenheim.

photo 3James Turrell, Afrum I 1967. Currently at the Guggenheim.

photo 4Robert Irwin, Scrim Viel – Black Rectangle – Natural Light 1977. A site-Specific work  that just got re-installed at the Whitney. 

photo 5Robert Irwin, Scrim Viel – Black Rectangle – Natural Light 1977.

melted madness

This weekend I went to Bushwick Open Studios out in Brooklyn. I particularly liked the Rock Street 2013 Exhibition. 
inchworm 2Emily Weiskopf. Title Unknown. Artist Website Here. 

inchwormEmily Weiskopf. Title Unknown.

jugglerthe best-most charismatic juggler I’ve encountered. 

mantowerDaniel Greenfeild. Title Unknown. Artist Website Here. 

paperYunWoo Choi. Title Unknown. Material: Newspaper, Resin, Light. Artist Website Here. 

reflexcitceAshley Zelinskie. Title Unknown. Artist Website Here. 
The text is code.  If a computer were to read that code it would see the object you are seeing.  This is art you both can enjoy.- Zelinskie

the rock
Kevin Andrew Curran, Astronauts/ Scene from the motion picture Red Dawn 2012. Artist Website Here. 

sakterKevin Andrew Curran, Astronauts/ Scene from the motion picture Red Dawn 2012

skating lunarKevin Andrew Curran, Astronauts/ Scene from the motion picture Red Dawn 2012


a mini scene found in the beams of Eric Lindveit’s studio space. Artist Website Here. 

Tyrome TripoliTyrome Tripoli signing a cup work, behind him, Toy Soldier, NadiaBubble 2004. Artist Website Here.  

wildernessartist unknown.

boxesAudra Wolowiec,  Title unknown. Artist Website Here. 

froggieMeridith Pingree, field. More about the artist here. or here. 

Rico Gatson,  Artist Website Here.  / here. 

buzz words.

For the past month I have been working with a group on curating a hypothetical exhibition as part of  a project for my grad program. Here are two artists (out of nine) from our exhibition, Consume THIS! Excess, Infatuation and the Entertainment Industry. 


Dawn Mellow, Scarlett Johansson 2010945233_10102425035092131_561828877_n

Dawn Mellor, Natalie Portman 2010935789_10102425035097121_1922568615_n

Dawn Mellor, Meryl Streep 2010

Dawn Mellor’s Artist Website Here. 


Andrea Mary Marshall, Toxic Woman Installation 2011 PageImage-498924-2675279-200001TheTwinsIssue

Andrea Mary Marshall, The Twins Issue 2011PageImage-498924-2675352-200601TheLindsayMugshotIssue

Andrea Mary Marshall, Untitled 2011PageImage-498924-2675297-200104TheFrenchFriesIssue

Andrea Mary Marshall, The French Frys Issue 2011PageImage-498924-2675314-200208ThePregnancyIssue

Andrea Mary Marshall, Jennifer Anniston Issue 2011PageImage-498924-2675339-200408TheKardashianNursesIssue

Andrea Mary Marshall, The Kardashian Nurse Issue 2011

Andrea Mary Marshall’s Artist Website Here. 

Death Star and the Mayans.

I saw this piece by Ulises Figueroa at the Monterrey Biennial and although it’s not the most serious or deeply thought-provoking work, it was probably the most entertaining and engaging piece at the exhibition. We all crowded around it for a solid ten minutes pointing out the various figurines and pop-culture references, laughing at the newly acquired knowledge that when we see Jabba the Hut.. the end is probably near. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 


Ulises Figueroa, The History of the Universe 2011

begining detail

detail of the beginning

ariel view of the middle.. pirate ships, mayans, coca-cola and refrigerators.

detail of the beginning of the end, rock-n-roll, communism and the death star.



many pictures being taken. (The end will be well documented).


Ulises Figueroa, The History of the Universe 2011

Learn More Here. 

Classic Tuesdays

I went to the Jonas Mekas exhibition at MUAC  in Mexico City. The films, photographs and poetry  were so mesmerizing I had to share. His films are stunning, his words- moving.

“These are not memories. These are real – every detail you see in the films is real – memories are gone but the images are here and they are real, right there in front of your eyes – and I like it! I like what I see!’ – Jonas Mekas,  Artist Website Here.


Jonas Mekas
Holy Fools (Allen Ginsberg, Norman Mailer) 2012


Jonas Mekas
Holy Fools (Andy Warhol) 2012


Jonas Mekas, The Beauty of Friends Being Together Quartet 2007Walden1

Jonas Mekas, Walden: Diaries, Notes and Sketches 1969


Jonas Mekas, This Side of Paradise 1999, Kennedy family holiday in Montauk, New York, 1972 Walden2

Jonas Mekas, Walden: Diaries, Notes and Sketches 1969

Screen shot 2013-04-15 at 9.10.54 PM

Jonas Mekas, excerpt from A Requiem for the XXth Century 2000. Read the entire poem HERE.



stark poetics

The lonely, poetic & disorienting work of British photographer, Saul Fletcher…

Picture of a Saul Fletcher Photograph @ the Sao Paulo Biennial

Saul Fletcher, Untitled #34 (yellow door) 1997

Saul Fletcher, Untitled #14 (palm trees) 1997

Saul Fletcher, Untitled #49 (mantlepiece) 1997Saul Fletcher, Untitled #133 (white lace) 200o

artist website through gallery representation.

if it screams.


Earlier this month I showed you THIS installation of John Chamberlain works in front of the Seagram Building @ 53rd and Park Ave. Well, today in class we learned a bit about the Lever House (who generally coordinates these public installations) and the discussion got me inspired to look at past projects. Here’s some of the work I found.. Urs Fischer, Untitled (Bear/Lamp) 2011 @ the Seagram building on 53rd and Park.

Alexander Calder, Ordinary 1999 @ the Seagram building on 53rd and park.

Jeff Koons, Balloon Dog (Orange) 2010 in the Seagram Building imagelink.

Jeff Koons, Balloon Dog (Orange) 2010  in the Seagram Building imagelink

Barbara Kruger, Between Being Born and Dying, 2010 interior installation of the Lever House Gallery (Next to Seagrams) imagelink. 

Barbara Kruger, Between Being Born and Dying, 2010 interior installation of the Lever House Gallery (Next to Seagrams) imagelink. 

and since we are in the neighborhood I had to mention these public pieces..
Louise Bourgeois Spiders 2001 in front of the GE Building at 49th and 5th  imagelink. 

Keith Haring, Untitled (Two Dancing Figures) 1986 @ apart of the Lever House Collection but located at 17 State Street near Battery Park.    imagelink. 

I also found this cute tumblr of a siblings journey through public sculpture. Travel here. 



Wish list

Bruce Davidson’s photo book Subways, purchase here. 

Rinko Kawauchi’s Illuminance, purchase here

Robert Adams, Summer Nights, Walking purchase here

Cindy Sherman by Eva Respini, the Retrospective Catalogue for her show at MoMA. Purchase here

The dreariness outside makes me daydream about all the beautiful photography books I wish I could be reading today. But since I don’t have  any of these books, I have spent the majority of my morning fascinated by Anish Kapoor’s Leviathan at the Grand Palais Paris last year. More photographs here. 

notion of complexity

When I found out I would have the opportunity to go to NYC last weekend, the first thing I did was check the exhibitions dates for the mid-career retrospective of Maurizo Cattelan: All at the Guggenheim. I made it just in time, literally, as the ground-breaking show closed on Monday.

Such an intriguing captivation and the only career retrospective I can think of that’s very existence changes the impact of every single piece of art shown; and there is an example of nearly all his work.  In a unique feat of engineering and in pure Cattelan fashion (he has always been such an anti-authorian rule breaker), every piece of art is hung down the center of the Guggenheim’s signature rotunda. Besides the visual spectacle of  performance and the pure beauty of a giant sculpture of sculptures, I was most interested in how the meanings of the work shifted in this unconventional arena. The relationships formed between pieces changed, perhaps forever, the way in which they used to function. Like Not Afraid to Love, the life-size baby elephant covered in a sheet that originally shown solo referenced the formidable subject of the KKK, the artist’s frequent use of disguises  and that ever present elephant in the room. But barely visible placed on top of the elephants head is the piece Untitled,  a tiny ant making an obscenity gesture. This  ant was the sole work  Cattelan showed at the Gwangju Biennial in 1995. It was placed in the center of a large dark gallery, illuminated by only a spotlight. Both pieces separate, in context, were at a time controversial works dealing with Cattelan’s insecurities, but placed together become playful and a symbol of the vastness of life development. The entire exhibition was full of puns and awe-inspiring moments, proving Cattelan’s detest for order by upturning the very rules he set for himself throughout his 22 year career.

Not Afraid of Love, 2000

Novecento, 1997 (the horse) and Untitled, 1998 (the big dark cube is real soil with a live planted olive tree)

*Stephanie, 2003   and Untitled, 1997 ( mouse  on raft on top of work)

 *was commissioned by a wealthy patron, who wanted a work for his beautiful model wife. When Cattelan visited their house and saw the man’s impressive taxidermy collection displayed on the walls… he created this.

If you like these works and want to learn more about Cattelan or ALL, I highly recommend the catalogue. It’s a great read and gives wonderful insight into the production and every single work. Get it HERE. 

my cure for the mean reds

would love to see Sherrie Levine’s solo show, Mayhem at the Whitney. cant’ wait to buy Kurt Vonnegut’s new biography here, ASAP. This review of the replaying of a lecture given by Diane Arbus nearly 41 years ago, gave me the chills. I am bummed that their aren’t any good knitting tutorials for lefties. I enjoy this publication, Afghanistan Blueys  by Tim and Matt Bowditch featured on this addicting blog. It’d be amazing to see the Cattelan exhibition at the Guggenheim, where the art truly challenges the demanding architecture through this radical act of hanging. I wasted too much time today with this picture list of the 20 most bizarre Public Art pieces. and finally, I love everything about Emma Stone’s SNL skit Les jeunes de Paris  [[sorry for the crappy youtube video that's all thats out on the web]]

and finally.. if nothing else works..

life imitates

Yesterday, I attended the fashion gallery opening party for the Giorgio di Sant’ Angelo  retrospective at the Phoenix Art Museum. The colorful show highlights the American designer’s most revolutionary looks spanning from the 1960s to 1990’s. From the feathered-earings, brightly bold scarves, ahead of their time body suits, and beautifully detailed gowns, to the backdrop of blown up vintage Vogue covers, this show proves how innovative and influential Giorgio di Sant’ Angelo truly is.

Go check it out.