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Joshua White’s artist website here. tumblr_n0pleepway1r9wk2fo1_500








tumblr_mvpk6pxig11r9wk2fo1_500[all photographs] Joshua White, Untitled from A Photographic Survey 2012-2014.

 I am using my iPhone to capture these images, and all the editing takes place on the phone. Originally these images seemed like a diversion from my greater body of work dealing with memory and loss, but now it seems, as always seems to be the case, they fit right in. - Joshua White’s series statement. 

Crushed Velvet Dreams

Still reporting from SoPo here..hopefully power and my cozy East River Apartment is in my near future though!  I have been dying to edit and post some of the photographs from the trip to Brazil I went on right before the Hurricane hit. Unfortunately those photographs are all on my precious computer back home.. so until then here are some (not the best quality) photographs taken with my iphone & instagram. I attended the Sao Paulo Biennial, Sao Paulo’s Museum of Modern Art, the Itau Cultural, and many, many galleries. Can’t wait till I can share all the amazing art I saw during my week stay. 

the epic ramp leading up to the Sao Paulo Biennial

inside the Sao Paulo biennial.. very Guggenheim-esque, no? 

Waldemar Cordeiro, Labyrith @ the Sao Paulo Biennial, 2012

Louise Bourgeois, Spider  1996 @ the MAM in Sao Paulo

Os Gemeos graffiti on the side of Sao Paulo MAM.

Sao Paulo is covered in graffiti.. some quite stunning…,

most not so much

Self Portrait through a Lygia Clark artwork @ the Itau Cultural

Imma Red Jackie

I finally saw the much talked about blockbuster exhibition, Regarding Warhol: Sixty Artists, Fifty Years at the Met this past week. Although it wasn’t the most thought-provoking or mind-boggling exhibition I have ever seen, it certainly was fun. It featured all the predictable artists influenced by Warhol and his Pop Art mentality, but it didn’t really have anything new to add to the canon. I did thoroughly enjoy finally experiencing Cory Arcangel’s Super Mario Clouds though. I know I should probably write a real review of this show going into the details of my criticism, but truth be told, I have spent the last week studying for my midterm on.. Pop Art. So I think I am going to reserve my thoughts for a time when I am not crammed full of dry academic jargon. The show is up until December so this is.. to be continued.

 In the meantime, check out Roberta Smith’s review of the show &  2  links to a slideshow of the exhibition. Have ya’ll been to see the show? What did ya’ll think?
Cory Arcangel, Super Mario Clouds 2002 artistwebsite. 

Takashi Murakami, Flower Wall Paper 2012

Recreation of Warhol’s 1966 exhibition at the Leo Castelli Gallery featuring his Cow Wallpaper  and helium silver pillows, Velvet Underground was playing in this room.

somehow I managed to be in the room when absolutely no body else was around!

A write up of the different sections of the exhibition HERE. 

*Also I am sorry for the less than ideal photographs, those security guards certainly were attentive! 

Once you ‘got’ Pop, you could never see a sign the same way again. Once you thought Pop, you could never see America the same way again. - Andy Warhol

Weekend Wrap Up.

This week in… Instagram

1. I attended my first Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Auction. It was exciting and eye-opening.   2. I spotted this ArtForum Cake as Pie billboard off the Highline.   3. I studied. alot. (I have read more this month than I have my entire life which is saying something considering I grew up next to a library.)   4. I went to the Aperture Gallery Richard Misrach book opening & heard him speak. Check out his new book here. 

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This week in…Links.

I read about the ‘untapped secrets’ of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and was surprised at the spots I still have never found.     I am happy for 365 Lucky Days for finishing her year long quest of embroidering every. single. day.      I loved the Ask a Curator day hosted on Twitter.     This photograph of Cindy Sherman “out in the wild” is just perfect.     I read Ayn Rand’s Theory of Art here.     I too wondered what happens when Photography becomes a commodity     I thought this list of 100 Most Influential Photographers was clearly biased and created by a Brit.     I am really enjoying Hyperallergic’s weekly art comic strip.      & finally this video of animated comparisons between New York and Paris made me giggle and fondly remember my first trip to Paris.

Why so sad?


Rineke Dijkstra, [still from]  I See A Woman Crying (Weeping Woman) 2009

I attended the Rineke Dijkstra Retrospective at the Guggenheim recently. The highlight of the exhibition [for me] was the video piece, I see a Woman Crying (Weeping Woman). In this film, Dijkstra explores the direct effect art has on us,  by engaging a group of school children from Holland to discuss their reactions and interpretations of Picasso’s Weeping Woman.  The unfiltered children stream out their innocent (and occasionally incredibly wise) explanations of the work, mostly focusing on why the woman is crying. It is ridiculously entertaining, as they hypothesize all kinds of scenarios, from just finding out her husband died in a car crash, to perhaps she is a ghost that came back and found out that everyone has forgotten her, or the possibility that she is utterly lonely. Midway through, their conversation shifts as they wonder if maybe she is crying tears of happiness.  (Again, adorableness ensues as they think maybe she just won Xfactor, got a new sports car or her husband just came home from war.) But again, the possibilities get exhausted and the piece comes full circle as they decide she must be just deeply sad. You can watch this piece (in awful quality below)

Picasso, Weeping Woman  1937

Read more about Rineke Dijkstra HERE. 

The Guggenheim’s ramps were closed for the installation of their [boring] blockbuster Picasso Black & White Exhibition opening early next month, but I welcomed the rare opportunity to see the glorious rotunda walls bare. 

This week..

this week in… Instagram

1. I celebrated Sondre Lerche’s birthday with him at the Bowery Ballroom 2. I hung around 30rock for NYC Fashion Night Out 3. I randomly saw a Blue Man Group Flash Mob at Saks Fifth Avenue 4. It was the most randomly awesome thing that’s happened to me since I’ve gotten to the city.

5. I’ve been studying a ton at the NYU Library 6. I decided to change up my studying routine so I camped out in the silent hall at the New York Public Library. It was beautiful. 7. I made it through my first week of Grad School reading.. & 8. I love it when it pours in the city and the streets turn into mirrors to the skyline. 

This week in… Links

I enjoyed Roberta Smith’s cheeky review of the new blockbuster Andy Warhol exhibition at the Met. Can’t wait to go this week. I loved this excerpt by A Photo Editor on the stance that photography isn’t about being present, but rather about being present. I read American Suburb X’s feature on Larry Sultan’s last series, The Valley. I laughed with this artist who makes tiny things in a ‘big world.’  I learned about the website Paddle 8 that is quickly revolutionizing the artworld by pulling it in the digital world. and finally, I watched this video  which really just speaks for itself. 

This week in..

This week in….Instagram

1. I spotted Kusama’s wrapped building, Yellow Trees, in Chelsea @ 14th st and 9th ave. 2. I envied the kids cooling off in the Washington Square Park fountain. 3.  I watched Marina Abravomic: The Artist is Present.. again. 4. I sat in an oversized chair as part of the interactive exhibition Century of the Child: Growing by Design, 1900-2000 @ MoMa.

1. I attended a Grad School Wine & Cheese social held in a gigantic and gorgeous apartment on the upper east side. 2. I love when the Empire State Building is shining bright for America. 3. The interiors of my local coffee shop presented my art theory text book with this little wonder. It’s a Reading Rainbow!! 4. I spotted the infamous Lost numbers while strolling the NYC streets.

1. I did a little bathroom marketing while out at brunch. 2. I was dressed to impress for my first day of grad school. 3. & 4 I was delighted to finally receive this darling little banner by Oh Albratross, and loved the neat little notes that came with it. 

This week in…. Links 

I secretly wish I was at the Cat Video Film Festival hosted by the Walker Art Center. I am considering furthering my Art Blog Expertise by attending this fantastic lecture. I looked at some photographs of influential contemporary artists working. I liked what the Photo Editor had to say about his summer trip to the Met. I read American Suburb X’s interview with Robert Adams.  & finally I watched this video of 100 dutch people stating their ages 1 to 100. 

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days turn to weeks

This week in…Instagram

1. I massacred some mussels @ a dinner party  2. I went rowing in Central Park 3. I snuck a bagel into the 10 am. showing of Dark Knight Rises (it was $10 cheaper to see it that early)  4. I hung with the Dino’s at the American Museum of Natural History 5. I went vintage shopping around Williamsburg 6. I sat on a shore in Brooklyn and spotted my apartment 7. I put the finishing touches on my room 8. & I picked up this wonderful embroidery  at the Hester Street Fair by Crooked Sister!

This week in… Links 

I am anxious to see this alumni exhibition @ SVA this week. I was happy to see CNN commission artists to make work about power in America and thought the results were super. My days of mispronouncing contemporary artists names are over with this smart cheat sheet on pronunciation. I watched this video by the Whitney Museum of a viewer entering Fireflies on the Water. I chuckled at Hyperallergic’s Artist’s Comic Strip. I read the conversation happening over Hyperallergic’s Reddit on Mitt Romney’s plans to cut art funding. Even though she’s only 14, I feel like me and Maude Apatow should be best friends.. Check out her stance on Twitter and her write-up in the NYT. & finally I enjoyed this video of New York City Subway Art..

Summer Breeze is all I needs

With the Grad school countdown dribbling  to less than 2 weeks.. I have been checking out new coffee shops around the city to  finish up my summer reading list.  It was too gorgeous out yesterday to stay cooped up inside, so I ventured out to the West Village and settled down at the Hudson River Park with the Yayoi Kusama installation, Guidepost to the New Space. The colorful red polka dot sculptures sprinkled the great lawn and all walks of life gathered to worship the sun, read, nap & enjoy the sweet sounds of the water slapping the riverside. I did my best to concentrate on art theory, but people watching was much more rewarding especially when a graceful dancer posted up a couple feet from me. I may be a major creeper for making this video but the beauty of the afternoon was too great to let escape. I had to capture it somehow… so I did my best. 

Guidepost to the New Space @ Hudson River Park on Pier 45

I wore my polka dots for the occasion.

Also I did another guest post over at Irez Therefore I am.. check it out! 

Happy Days and Nights.

this week in….Instagram

1. I rode the subway too early for even the commuters. 2. I did some grad school reading 3. found the most peaceful spot @ Central Park 4. laughed at the impatient cabbies @ a NYC gas station 5. walked home admiring the Chrysler Building 6. Loved this digital American flag in Times Square 7. checked out the Chelsea Market 8. took a cheap bus to Philly 9. Ate an authentic Philly Cheesesteak from Geno’s and their rival across the street, Pat’s (Pat’s totally won) 10. I saw the Liberty Bell through a window. 11. Loved this interactive public art piece. (I didn’t write the cat lady line, but I fully support it.) 12.  & I fell in love with this art piece by Stefan Sagmeister

This week in… Links

I really connected with this Photography and poetry series by Ester Lee. I liked this action demo by A Beautiful Mess. I read this article on the indefinite delay of Christo’s Over the River project. I was sad to hear that Herb Vogel passed away. I looked at this photo gallery of all the Olympic Street Art.  I loved this article on one of my former photo classmates from the Phoenix New Times.  This  NYT article on the 1972 map of the NYC subway stations made me happy. & I finally saw Moonrise Kingdom and can confidently say it was the best movie I have seen all summer. Maybe even my new favorite Wes Anderson film. (It’s hard to beat the Royal Tenenbaums)

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blur together

this week in... Instagram

1. I went night swimming 2. I scanned & edited a ton 3. I had a 4th of july twin 4. I worked my last shift as a waitress (hopefully ever!) 5. I leant some of my favorite wall art out to my friends for the next year 6. & 7.  I hired movers and paid them with my bruddah buddha 8. I marveled at some trinkets 9. &  I realized no matter where I am, I feel safest surrounded by so many friends. {find me on instagram, username – thedreambeing}

this week in… Links

I was proud the Fort Worth Modern, made this list of top beautiful museums. I liked Thomas Prior’s Firework Photographs here. I read this article on the many woes of Christo and Jean Claude’s ambitious and potentially harmful, Colorado Project, Over the River here. I learned that Hemingway’s Farewell to Arms had many alternative endings here. I liked the Walker Art Center’s Closed Mondays Photo series here.  I am more excited to see Richard Avedon’s Murals & Portraits at Gagosian next week after reading this. 

& finally, I really want to see HBO’s documentary on Marina Abramovic’s The Artist is Present