not to be ignored.

used to spend a lot of time looking at photographs of the war in Afghanistan, searching for some sort of insight or information that would tell me exactly what it was like. Although I did find some incredible images (many that I showed here), the moment I saw these photographs by artist Dima Gavrysh, I found what I had been looking for.. a nuanced yet powerful glimpse of the emotional side of war. 
"SOLDIERS OF ZEROK"Dima Gavrysh, Untitled from Soldiers of Zerok

Inshallah_Dima_Gavrysh_DG_002_600Dima Gavrysh, Untitled from Inshallah 

Inshallah_Dima_Gavrysh_DG_007_600Dima Gavrysh, Untitled from Inshallah 

Inshallah_Dima_Gavrysh_DG_021_600Dima Gavrysh, Untitled from Inshallah 

Inshallah_Dima_Gavrysh_DG_008_600Dima Gavrysh, Untitled from Inshallah 

Inshallah_Dima_Gavrysh_DG_016_600Dima Gavrysh, Untitled from Inshallah 

Photo by Dima Gavrysh. (C)2011.Dima Gavrysh, Untitled from Inshallah 

Dima Gavrysh, Untitled from Inshallah 

Inshallah_Dima_Gavrysh_DG_019_600Dima Gavrysh, Untitled from Inshallah 

Inshallah_Dima_Gavrysh_DG_023_600Dima Gavrysh, Untitled from Inshallah 


Dima Gavrysh, Untitled from Inshallah 

Dima Gavrysh, Untitled from Soldiers of Zerok

Dima Gavrysh’s Artist Website Here. 

far, far away

Looking at photographs of the Afghanistan War is always a sobering experience for me. Since my brother has been deployed, I seem to see his face in every photograph so sometimes I almost don’t want to look. But then, I think of all the people who seem to go about their day to day, without thinking about our boys overseas and I force myself to see and feel, hope and pray.


Balazs Gardi, Untitled from the project Basetrack, (iphone photography using Hipstamatic filter) artistwebsite.

Larry Towell, Untitled from Crisis in Afghanistan, 2004

Peter Van Agtmael, Untitled from Inside the Wire artistwebsite.

Peter Van Agtmael, Untitled from Inside the Wire artistwebsite.

Lynsey Addario, Korengal Valley, Afghanistan 2008 artistwebsite.

Benjamin Lowy, Untitled from Iraq Perspectives II artistwebsite.

Adam Ferguson, A US Army soldier in Wardak Province, Afghanistan, 2009. artistwebsite.

Adam Ferguson, Soldiers from Bravo Company  in the Korengal Valley, Afghanistan. 2009 artistwebsite.